GYS Themed Categories

GYS Themed Categories is a WordPress plugin that allows site administrators to apply a theme to each category of blog posts within their site.

Screenshot of GYS Themed Categories plugin in action
Screenshot of GYS Themed Categories plugin in action

A little history

I found this abandoned WordPress plugin when setting up our church’s summer day camp (Base Camp) ministry site. I wanted to have a completely different design each year to match the theme of the week, yet have a series of posts for each year. So I took what Mike Lopez had done here, updated it to work with the latest version of WordPress and child themes, and re-released it.

For support

Please use the WordPress support forums for the plugin. I will obviously receive comments left here as well, but I would prefer to keep all the support questions and answers in one place.

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  1. @lukerumley – IIRC there is an option to override/disable the default stylesheet. Haven’t played with it much yet though.

  2. Thank you, your plugin helped me to solve the problem. now can use two different theme

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